Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Feeling about being accepted by SST

Obviously I am very happy and excited about entering SST as SST was my favorite school and two of my good friends are entering with me too. why is it my favorite school? It's simple: I love science and technology. Science and maths are my best and favorite subject. MacBook! It is very unique and special to be an apple school. =) with more hands on works rather than boring textbooks. Text after text. I am sure I am going to have a wonderful time in SST.

Why i chose this picture i made? Well it is because that it is like a transfer, from primary school to secondary school. That acer axpire x3950 was my computer i just bought in oct 2010. actually, not bought. cause i bought a computer at march and it broke down in oct. then they gave me a new one as it is still under warranty. so back to the 'why'. so that was my primary school use or must as well my gaming computer. now as i move to SST, its is like moving from my computer to my 'Learning Device'. 'Learning Device' to me is new and a bit strange and hard, which i think this is what i will experience in SST, homeworks are harder(maybe) and new to the environment.

English is never my best subject. So sorry for my bad English. =)

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